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Sharp County Amateur Radio Club

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November 2009 Minutes

Meeting opened by Pres Sue, KD5LKG.

John, KE5JDY, read the minutes of the last meeting. Mark, K0XXX motioned to accept the minutes and Bill, K5BGR seconded. Passed.

Ann, KD5LKF read the treasure’s report. Bruce, KE5MBD motioned to accept the report, and Ralph, KE5sfb seconded. Passed.

Bill reported the nothing new has been done with the repeater as of yet.  Noel(sp?) is wanting to set up the repeater so that it links with the others in the system. Mark, K0XXX, suggested it should be programmed with tones so it can’t be turned on except by designated operators to prevent accidental or malicious operation. Bill will talk to Noel about it.

Mark also briefly mentioned the upcoming disaster practice and SET, and agreed to email the information to anyone interested in participating.

Sue briefly discussed the hamfest at Batesville. Two of our club members took and passed the extra exam. (Don and Sue)

The club members decided to hold the Christmas party at the courthouse again this year - Dec 12. Ladies bring ladies gifts, men bring men’s. Bring finger food, your own drinks. Same time as regular meeting.

Elections were held for new club officers. The new President is Bill, K5BGR; Vice President is Mark, K0XXX; Treasurer is Ann, KD5LKF; Secretary is Robin, AD5IZ.


Sue announced that she has DVD’s of the Tech super session if we ever decide to have one, or if someone wanted to study.

Ann mentioned that Sandy Richardson also had knee replacement surgery, and is doing well.

Don drew the number for the door prize. Mark won the door prize.

Don talked about his project with using APRS. This sparked a lively discussion about whether the advantages of having the system outweighed the possibility of too many people being able to know too much about where you are and what you are doing.

Johnny, KE5YQK discussed several nets that he has been having fun with. He also mentioned the disasters he had traveling to other hamfests.

Mark told the club about his wife broke her hip while walking the dog.

Meeting adjourned.

 October 2009 - no meeting;  members went to the Batesville hamfest. 

September 2009 minutes

Meeting was called to order by President Sue, KD5LKG. John, KE5JDY, read the minutes of the last meeting. Robin, AD5JA motioned to accept the minutes as read, and Bruce, KE5MBD seconded. Passed.

Ann KD5LKF read the Treasurer's report. Robin, AD5JA motioned to accept the report as read, and Bill, K5BGR seconded. Passed.

Bill K5BGR reported that the repeater was taken to David, and someone is supposed to be getting it taken care of, but there are a lot of Hamfests going on right now, so David is busy, and Robin hasn't heard anything. It doesn't appear to be broken, but no one has heard anything else.

Bill K5BGR motioned to give whoever drives up to work on it 25.00 for gas. Bruce KE5MBD seconded. Passed.

Sue KD5LKG mentioned the upcoming CAREN Hamfest in Little Rock, and the Batesville one on Oct. 10. Robin motioned to cancel our next meeting to support Batesville's club – motion passed. Robin will put a note on the door the day of the meeting to let people know why there was no meeting.

If there is a charge for tables, several members will be sure the club is reimbursed if we have a club table – members encouraged to bring stuff to sell.

Ralph, KE5SFB was not present and so there was no prize, but he will owe one at the next meeting.

Dakota drew, and Don, KE5MRU won this month.

Ann KD5LKF noted that her surgery will be Sept. 3.

Meeting was adjourned.

October Meeting was cancelled so club members could go to the Batesville Hamfest.

August 2009 Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Pres Sue, KD5LKG. Secretary John, KE5JDY, read the minutes of the last meeting. Minutes were accepted.

Treasurer Ann, KD5LKF read the treasurer’s report. Report was accepted.

Bill, K5BGR, still had no news on the repeater. He will keep trying.

Sue, KD5LKG, briefly discussed the resignation of KE5RGN and the alleged problem of Bruce, KE5MBD being AEC in Sharp county even tho he lived in Izard county. There was a lot of misinformation given out about that, but in the end, there was no problem with the appointment. 

David Norris, K5UZ, Vice Director Delta Division of the ARRL, gave an entertaining talk about what is going on with the ARRL at this time. Of particular interest is an advisory committee dealing with emergency ops, and the problem of organizations using amateur radio for commercial purposes. The ARRL is also looking at an electronic version of QST. He also mentioned several upcoming Hamfests, including one in Batesville in October, on the same day as our regular club meeting. Club members were asked to think about canceling our next meeting, or holding the next meeting at Batesville, so we could show support for another club’s efforts. This will be decided at the Sept. meeting. Also, David advised the club that John Godfrey’s surgery went well, and his shack was not damaged during the recent fire at his home.

Mark, K0XXX questioned David about Distance scoring during VHF/Uhf contests. David stated that he believes that is being looked into by the appropriate committees.

David stated the Robin, AD5JA will be the VE team liaison for our club.

Sue pointed out the donation bear, to help raise money for the club. Ed Nemethy, N5TFP, brought a club jacket to give away, and Sue brought an antenna book for anyone who wanted to make a small donation to the club. Robin had a 2 meter radio for sale, also.

The Drawing for the door prize will start over from the beginning. The winner was Ralph, KE5SFB.

Meeting was adjourned.


July 2009 meeting minutes


President Sue, KD5LKG, called the meeting to order.  Guests and members introduced themselves. 


Ann, KD5LKF, was not presesnt to read the treasurer's report.


John, KE5JDY, read the minutes from the last meeting.  Mark, K0XXX motioned to accept, Bruce, KE5MBD seconded.  Passed.


Mark, K0XXX, did field day from his home and he discussed it briefly. He worked primarily on VHF.


Sue, KD5LKG, mentioned that Robin, AD5JA, is doing well.


Bill, K5BGR, had no news on the repeater.  He will continue to work on that.


Johnny, KE5YQK, spoke about what he had learned regarding linking radios with other clubs. 

Bill, K5BGR, will try to contact Noel to have him check out the repeater, and Johnny will ask him to possibly come to the next club meeting.  Mark, K0XXX, said that if hard line was needed, he might be able to donate it, but he doesn't have the connectors.


Mark, K0XXX, stated that as far as he knew, there was no Ares/Races in Izard county at this time.  There was a discussion of the resignation of Bill, KE5RGN and various other related items.  It was suggested that emergency managers be invited to a club meeting, but Mark pointed out that since we did not have a viable Ares group to offer them, it would be useless to have them come.  He also noted that only a few of the club members have taken the required NIMS classes, and without those, we could not really be asked to participate in emergency operations.


It was decided after discussion, to wait to see what was going on with the district Ares/Races situation and with our situation.  Sue, KD5LKG, will try to contact Kenny or the distrct EC to see what is going on.


After more discussion of what our club could do, Sue explained (with help!) what the NIMS courses are and where they could be found online, and about the continuing education courses on the ARRL web site.


The door prize was won by Mark, K0XXX.


Meeting adjourned.




June 2009 Minutes

Prez Sue, KD5LKG opened the meeting.

John, Ke5JDY, read the minutes from the last meeting. Bill, K5BGR motioned to accept the minutes as read, and Ralph, KE5SFB seconded. Passed.

Ann, KD5LKF read the Treasurer’s report. Bruce, KE5MBD motioned to accept the report as read, and Ralph, K35SFB, seconded. Passed.

Bruce, KE5MBD, spoke of Bill, KE5RGN’s resignation from Ares/Races. There will be no more Ares meetings until this is resolved.

Bill, K5BGR, reported that Robin, AD5JA, is doing well, and did not need the additional surgery after all.

Sue, KD5LKG, passed out copies of mail she received from K5FWQ, Rick’s radio and electronics store (online) – new and used “stuff” for the hobby. She also passed out info in Field Day at Batesville, including Google map.

Bill, K5BGR, did not yet call repeater repair people for possible help with getting it to work. He will be working on that.

Johnny, KE5YQK , discussed the possibility of linking with Walnut ridge on 270. He will talk to Joe at Walnut Ridge about that and about having him come to a meeting to talk about it.

There was an informal discussion of possibly having the Emergency managers of Sharp and Fulton counties visit at a meeting in the future.

Jack , AD5TL,won the door prize.

Meeting adjourned!


May 2009 Minutes

President Sue, KD5LKG, opened the meeting. Guests and members introduced themselves.

John, KE5JDY, read the minutes of the last meeting. K0XXX motioned to accept the minutes, seconded by Ralph, KE5SFB; passed

Ann, KD5LKF read the treasurer’s report. Harold, KA9WWG, seconded. Passed

Ann gave a report on how Robin, AD5JA is doing.

Bill, K5BGR, reported the the repaired repeater is not working correctly. He will follow up on it by contacting the repair company to see if he can troubleshoot via phone or if he needs to return it for more work.

Sue, KD5LKG, reported that the club is invited to join Batesville’s Field Day operations. She will have directions by the next meeting.

Door prize was won by Bill, K5BGR.

After the drawing, there was a brief informal discussion of member’s generators for emergency use and emergency frequencies.

Bill, K5BGR, motioned to adjourn the meeting, and KE5MBD seconded. No one objected.



April 2009 Minutes

Meeting was opened by President Sue, KD5LKG.

John, KE5JDY read the minutes from the last meeting. Harold, KA9WWG, motioned to accept; Bill, K5BGR seconded; passed.

Ann, KD5LKF read the treasurer's report. Bruce, KE5MBD motioned to accept the report, Ralph, KE5SMF seconded; passed.

Ann, KD5LKF reported that we need a second signer for the club checks since Bob passed away. Bruce, KE5MBD motioned that Bill, K5BGR be appointed; Harold, KA9WWG seconded; passed.

Ann also reported the the insurance company sent the check to pay for repeater repairs, and it was sent to the repair people, who called and said they had received it. The check was for $526.90, and the repairs cost $551.90. K5BGR paid the difference plus the cost of certified mail, so the club owes him $30.32.

Ann reported that Robin, AD5JA had her surgery and was recovering. Robin called during the meeting, and all present were able to say Hi! Ann will get a card and a small gift for her.

Bill K5BGR will get the back-up batteries and charger for the repeater when the repaired one is back up. It will cost about 200.00.

The time for the Ares meeting was changed to after the regular meeting. Ralph, KE5SMF motioned to have the club meeting at 2PM and the ARES meeting after, at 3PM, so if the ARES meeting is canceled, it won't inconvenience anyone. Johnny, KE5YQK seconded; passed.

After some discussion, it was decided to contact the Batesville club to see if we can join them for Field Day, since we will have no place to hold our own. Sue will get the information for our next meeting.

Sue handed out the new ragchew net preamble, and flyers for the Memphis Hamfest and a QRP fest in Branson, the OzarkCon.

Ann counted the collection jar and reported $23.00.

John, KE5JDY won the door prize. Meeting adjourned.


March 2009 Minutes

Bruce, KE5MBD, Vice President, took over the for Sue, KD5LKG, who could not be there.

The tape recorder, unknown to anyone, was apparently not working properly, so the following is a summary of the high points of the meeting.

    1. Meeting times changed: Ares/Races will be at 1:00PM, followed by the regular club meeting at 2:00PM.

    1. The Ragchew net time was changed to 7:30PM.

    2. The insurance company finally decided to send the check for the repeater repairs, so we will have the “good” one back up soon.

    3. A decision was made to have a club donation jar at each meeting, so anyone can make a donation to help defray some of our expenses.

    4. Bill, K5BGR, will purchase back-up batteries for the repeater out of his own pocket, to be paid back by the club when funds are available.




February, 2009 Minutes
President Sue, KD5LKG, called the meeting to order.
John, KD5JDY, read the minutes of the previous meeting.
Ann, KD5LKF, read the treasurer's report.
There was no news on the status of the repeater payment from the insurance company, most likely because the ice storm disrupted everything.  Ann will follow up on it.
The legal student willing to take on the club incorporation  wanted to set up an appointment.  It was decided that it might be better to delay this for a while, due to limited club resources. Sue will follow up on this.
Bill, K5BGR, pointed out that we need new back-up batteries for the repeater so that it will be operational during power outages in the future.  He agreed to look for batteries and if they were reasonable, he will pick them up and the club would reimburse him.  He will also check on a special type of battery charger.
Anne, KD5LKF, suggested that the club pay for Robin's membership dues, instead of getting flowers for her.  All members agreed.
Anne won the drawing for the door prize.
The meeting was adjourned.
January, 2009 Minutes
(no December, 2008 minutes, as we held the club Christmas party instead of a regular meeting)
The meeting was opened by President Sue, KD5LKG.  Guests and members introduced each other.  John, KE5JDY read the minutes of the November meeting.  Robin, AD5JA, motioned to accept the minutes and Bill, K5BGR seconded.
Anne, KD5LKF, read the Treasurer's report.  Bruce, KE5MBD motioned to accept the report, and Bill again seconded.
Robin, AD5JA, pointed out that Ann and Bill had not been paid for the electric costs for the repeater for quite some time.  As soon as the Treasury is built back up, they will get a check.
Mark, K0XXX, has not yet gotten the MOU to Bill, KE5RGN, for adapting to our club.  He will do so ASAP.
Jack, KE5SMZ was not present to discuss installing a seperate meter for the repeater.  Other members suggested that having a seperate meter and the resulting seperate bill, would be more expensive than leaving things the way they are.  As a result, no action will be taken on this matter.
Robin, AD5JA, reported that she called the insurance company about payment for the repeater.  They claimed thay never received the lightning strike affidavit from Vertex.  Vertex stated they sent it.  The insurance rep will call Vertex and if necessary, take a lightning strike affidavit over the phone or via email in order to move things along.
Mark, K0XXX, mentioned the January VHF contest coming up next weekend.
Bruce, KE5MBD, mentioned the Hamfest coming up Feb 28, in Hoxie.
Ann had a sample custom printed pen, and the club decided to see if we can order some for the club.  Ann will check and see if they are still available.
Robin will check on cost of printing caps and jackets for club members. 
Nathan drew for the door prize. Sue, KD5LKG won.
Meeting was adjourned.

November Minutes


Meeting was opened by President Sue, KD5LKG.  There was no reading of the previous month’s minutes because the tape recorder was accidentally left off at the last meeting.  There was no Treasurer’s report because the treasurer was not present.


Robin, AD5JA, briefly discussed the repeater – it is repaired, but the insurance company required more paperwork, which has been completed, and as soon as the check arrives, payment will be sent to the repair company and we will have our good repeater back.  When it comes back, Bill KE5RGN will help set it back up and will also check on the battery backup system.  Members discussed moving it to it’s original location, but it was decided to wait until we see how well it does, as it may be more trouble than it is worth to move it.  Jack, KE5SMZ suggested putting in a separate meter for it and he will call NAEC to get more information.


Sue, KD5LKG, read an announcement regarding the $1.00 fee increase for exams, from $14.00 to $15.00.


Members discussed the Christmas party, and decided to heold it as usual on the December meeting date, Dec. 13, at 1 PM at the Ash Flat Community Center. [ THIS WAS CHANGED LATER TO THE ASH FLAT COURT HOUSE, SINCE IT WAS FREE, AND THE COMM. CENTER CHARGES A FEE]  Men bring men’s gifts, women bring women’s gifts, and families are invited – if there are kids, families bring kid’s gifts for their own kids.  Bring potluck finger food and something to drink.


Officers for the 2009 year were elected.  Sue, KD5LKG, remains as President, Ann KD5LKF remains as Treasurer and John, KD5JDY remains as Secretary.  Bruce, KE5MBD was elected Vice President.


Bill, KE5RGN, stated the he needs an MOU form the club, authorizing Ares/Races use of the club repeater during emergencies.  He will obtain a sample MOU the we can adapt.


Ed, N5TFP won the door prize.


Jack, KE5SMZ, motioned to adjourn, and Bruce, KE5MBD seconded.


President Sue, KD5LKG opened the meeting. Ralph, KE5SFB motioned to accept the minutes of the last meeting as posted on the web page. Harold, KA9WWG seconded; passed. Secretary Ann, KD5LKF, was not yet present, so Robin, AD5JA stated the the treasurers report had not changed. Bob, AD5IZ motioned to accept that, seconded by Bruce, KE5MBD. Passed.

Robin, AD5JA informed members that the repeater was in for repairs, and the insurance deductible was $50.00. Harold, KA9WWG motioned to okay payment of the amount and Mark, K0XXX seconded. Passed.

Mark, K0XXX brought in and handed out certificates for those who participated in the 2 meter simplex contest. He also brought copies of the new ham brochure. After members had a chance to look over the brochures, Robin, AD5JA suggested that club officers names be added to the brochure. Mark agreed. It was decided that Mark would print a few copies at a time, as needed, and absorb the cost of the ink. In the future, he would be able to ask the club for money to cover that cost, if needed.

Sue, KD5LKG, discussed an email request from Larry Wilson, President of the Howell County Radio Club for the number of members who might be interested in an area wide gathering of amateurs at some time in the future. No specifics were provided, as this was just a feeler to see if anyone would be interested. About 8 members expessed an interest in the gathering.

David Norris, K5UZ and Kenny Thompson, KG5KS, were introduced.

David led a discussion about emergency communications, with input from Kenny, referencing attempts to come up with credential requirements for hams volunteering to work in disaster areas assisting served agencies. Some requirements would be certain NIMS courses and ARECC courses. Having volunteers finish the NIMS training would mean federal funds would be available for covering some expenses. Also discussed was the need for MOUs with served agencies, and David cautioned club members not to promise more than we could actually deliver. Bill, KE5RGN, mentioned the Oct 11 meeting at noon for ARES/RACES members, prior to the regular club meeting.
David showed new brochures and stressed the need to get young people involved in the hobby. He also noted that he is running for the position of Vice Director this year and would like our support.

Kenny, KG5KS, District B DEC, discussed the uses of WinLink and the problems encountered with the AWIN system.

Ann, KD5LKF, informed the club that she needed to be reimbursed for the cost of shipping the repeater for repairs. Robin, AD5JA motioned to in favor of this, and Bob, AD5IZ seconded. Passed.

Robin briefly discussed getting the club's tax exempt status. This is still a work in progress, and Sue, KD5LKG, is looking for some pro-bono legal help.

David, K5UZ, picked a number for a door prize he brought, and the winner of the repeater directory was Jack, AD5TL. David the picked a number for the regular club prize, and Sue, KD5LKG won.

Bob, AD5IZ motioned to adjourn, and Harold, KA9WWG seconded.

August Meeting Minutes

Recorded by John, KE5JDY

The meeting was called to order by Sue, KD5LKG.

John, KE5JDY read the minutes of the last meeting. Robin, AD5JA motioned to accept them as read and Mark, K0XXX seconded. Passed.

Ann, KD5LKF was not present to read the treasurers report, so Robin announced that the balance was the same as last month's.

Mark, K0XXX, discussed getting a list of people willing to mentor new hams and printing a brochure for new hams. He will try to have copies printed to bring to the next meeting.

Bill,KE5RGN, discussed reviving the Sharp County ARES group and possible starting ARES/RACES training after the regular net. He had sign up sheets for anyone interested in participating. He is EC for the county.

Jack, AD5TL is trying to start a slow code net. Anyone interested should contact him.

The club repeater was damaged by lightning. Robin described the damage and discussed possible alternatives to setting up the repeater so that it doesn't happen again, such as running a line directly from the repeater to Bill's house, getting it off the well house line. Hopefully, more info will be presented at the next meeting, as far as possible cost of electric lines, etc.

Robin asked members to pray for her during her upcoming surgery.

Mark briefly discussed his satellite antenna with club members.

Mark stated he will have certificates for those who participated in the club 2 meter contest at the next meeting.

Bob, AD5JA picked the number for the door prize. John, Ke5JDY won.

Bruce KE5MBD motioned to adjourn and Bob AD5JA seconded. Meeting adjourned.

July Meeting Minutes

Recorded by John Zehr, KE5JDY

Sue, KD5LKG, called the meeting to order.

John, KE5JDY read the minutes of the last meeting. Jack, AD5TLG motioned to accept, Robin, AD5JA, seconded.

Anne, KD5LKF, read the treasurer's report. Nothing changed; the club has the same amount as last month. Robin, AD5JA motioned to accept; Ralph, KE5SFB, seconded.

Sue, KD5LKG, briefly discussed the July 26 2M contest, stating the the rules, etc, would be on the club web site. John handed out printed copies of the rules to members.

Jack, AD5TLQ, discussed the possibility of starting a slow CW net. He agreed to bring an outline of plans to the next meeting.

Door prize winner was drawn by Ralph,KE5SFB, Bob, AD5IZ, won.

Meeting adjourned.

June Meeting Minutes

Recorded by John, KE5JDY

Sue, KD5LKG, called the meeting to order.

John, KE5JDY, read the minutes from the last meeting.Robin, AD5JA, motioned to accept the minutes as read; K9KOK seconded; Passed.

Ann, KD5LKF, read the treasurer's report. There is currently $389.70 in the bank and "petty cash." Bob, AD5IZ motioned to accept the treasurer's report and Ralph, KE5FSB seconded. Passed.

Sue, KD5LKG, spoke briefly about Field Day arrangements. The directions to the site are:

Go thru Batesville as tho you are going to Little Rock. Cross the river and at the top of Ramsey Mountain, look for Highway 25 and turn right on 25, toward Heber Springs. after 11 or 12 miles, watch for the Cleburn County Line sign. Right at the line, you will see Radio Tower Road on one side of the highway and County Line Road on the other side. Turn left onto Radio Tower Road and follow it until you see a bunch of folks with radios and antennas.

The Field Day activities run from around noon on Saturday the 28th till noon on Sunday the 29th. Anyone who wants to participate is welcome. If you want, you can bring some sort of side dish or dessert, or soft drinks to share. (no alcohol!) Anyone who would like to help with operating overnite should contact David, K5UZ, at 870-793-6431.

Sue, KD5LKG, offered to give a ride to anyone interested. Email or call 870-670-4604 to see if there is still room in the car!

Anne, KD5LKF, advised that the results from the club member's participation in the Jan VHF contest are in this month's QST.

Bob, AD5IZ, wrote a preamble for the Ragchew net; after discussion, the preamble was accepted as written. The time of the net will not be changed. KE5RGN motioned to accept the preamble, K9KOK seconded. Passed.

Sue, KD5LKG, encouraged members to pick up a copy of the upcoming 2 meter simplex contest, to read before the nest meeting, where any questions will be addressed.

Robin, AD5JA brought up a discussion of the trip along 9 Mile Ridge, where members collected cans to help raise money for the club. Afterward, the members met at the Fire Station for a picnic lunch.

Dakota chose the number for the door prize; Ralph, KE5SFB, won.

Club members introduced themselves to Darren, KE5QAV.

Meeting adjourned.

May Meeting Minutes

Recorded by John, KE5JDY

Sue, KD5LKG, opened the meeting. Bruce, KE5MBD, motioned to accept the minutes as presented on the web page. Mark, K0XXX, seconded. Passed.

Ann, KD5LKF, read the treasurer's report. The current balance is $379.90.

The club briefly discussed progress on getting tax-exempt status for the club. More research needs to be done on it.

Sue, KD5LKG, briefly discussed Field Day preparations. During her phone conversation with David Norris, K5UZ,he briefly discussed some of the preperations the Batesville club was making. Our club might want to bring side dishes, and Sue will provide the makings for Sunday morning breakfast. More information will be presented at the next meeting.

Ann, KD5LKF, passed out copies of her idea for a new club net. After discussion, it was decided to start the net on the following Monday, and to hold it on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri. Mark, K0XXX, motioned to hold it as written in the handouts, and Bill,KE5RGN, seconded. Passed. Bruce, KE5MBD, motioned to set the time as 8:30PM. Harold, KA9WWG seconded. Passed. Mark motioned that the net control each night would choose the net control for the following night. Bill, KE5RGN seconded. Passed.

Next was a discussion of club fundraising. Robin AD5JA suggested we go back to collecting cans. Members could bring tham to club meetings. Bill, K5BGR, volunteered to haul them in his truck. Bill also mentioned that along 9 mile ridge, there were always cans. After discussion, June 7, 8:00AM was set for members to meet at the old Saddle store to collect cans. Bill, K5BGR, will bring drinks and Sue, KD5LKG, will bring food. Sue, KD5LKG motioned to go ahead with the plan, Ralph,KE5SFB seconded. Passed.

Harold, KA9WWG, suggested that members bring unwanted ham radio related items to meetings to sell them, with 10% of the money going to the club. Mark, K0XXX motioned to to accept the plan, Bill KE5RGN seconded. Passed.

Bruce, KE5MBD showed members some of the call sign carvings his son-in-law Ken May makes. The number to call for ordering one is 870-237-4001.

Bruce drew for the door prize, and Bill KE5RGN won.

Bob, AD5IZ motioned to close the meeting, Harold, KA9WWG seconded.

April Meeting Minutes

Minutes recorded by John, KE5JDY

Sue, KD5LKG, called to meeting to order. There were 16 members and guests present. John, KE5JDY, read the minutes from the Feb. meeting, since the March meeting was canceled due to inclement weather. Robin, AD5JA, motioned to accept the minutes as read, Ralph, KE5SFB, seconded, and the motion passed.

Ann, KD5LKF, presented a plaque to Robin, AD5JA, as a token of appreciation of her years as president of the club.

Anne, KD5LKF announced the Ed Nemethy sent a card to the club thanking members for sending him $50.00 when his wife died, to help with expenses.

Anne then read the Treasurer's report. The current balance is $359.70. Ralph, KE5SFB, motioned to accept the report, and Bill Wilson seconded. The motion passed.

Anne then announced that the club is now incorporated, and she displayed the paperwork. There was a brief discussion as to whether or not we should go on to get 501(c)3 status.

Ralph, KE5SFB motioned to go ahead and do it, Bill Wilson seconded, and the motion passed. Sue, KD5LKG, offered to get the information on how to do it.

Robin, AD5JA, wrote a nice article for the local papers about the visit from the Fulton County OEM, Al Rourke, and she read the highlight of the article.

Sue, KD5LKG opened a discussion of the SCARC 2 meter contest that Mark, K0XXX had proposed. Members each received a copy of the proposed contest rules. Robin motioned to set the date as July 26. Bill Wilson seconded. Motion passed.

The next item for discussion was field Day. Anne, KD5LKF and Bill, K5BGR, pointed out the the usual location had been under water and was a mess. Also, during previous discussions, members were considering just a picnic, rather that a big radio day event. Sue, KD5LKG, mentioned that she had spoken with David, K5UZ, and he felt that the Batesville club would be agreeable to having our club join with theirs for the event. Bill, K5BGR motioned to go with Batesville. Jack, AD5TL, seconded. Motion passed. Sue will get more info to be presented at the next club meeting.

The drawing for the door prize was held; Bruce, KE5MBD, won.

Anne made a minor correction to the Treasurer's report - the balance was correct, but she forgot to include one expenditure. She also noted that she had passed her first formal message, and showed some message forms from K5WTH's web page that were easier to use than the standard ARRL forms.

Sue finally remembered to have everyone introduce themselves.

Anne discussed her idea for a ratchett-jaw net on the repeater. Club members discussed it, and decided that Anne would make copies of the net ideas & suggestions for the next meeting and the club would decide than on days and times for the new net. The idea is to get more use out of the repeater and to give everyone a chance to be net control.

Mark, K0XXX, did a show and tell segment. He brought a purple antenna used for communicating via satellite, and explained how he used it to communicate with a friend in Mexico. He answered questions from club members about how satellites can be used for ham radio contacts.

Bruce, KE5MBD, motioned to close. Could not hear who seconded.