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Sharp County Amateur Radio Club

July Contest

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2 meter simplex

SCARC 2 Meter Contest

Date & Times : Saturday, July 26, 2008, from 7 PM to 11 PM, local time.


To make as many contacts as possible

To have fun!

Entry Categories:

SCARC Member Home Station

SCARC Member Mobile (Rover)


Band, Mode & Frequencies: The contest will take place solely on 2 meter band.

The mode will be FM simplex only, no repeater contacts. The FM frequencies are all standard 2 Meter simplex frequencies, as per the ARRL 2 Meter Band Plan, every 15 kHz , from 146.535 to 146.595 MHz , and 147.520 to 147.580 MHz .

The National Simplex Frequency, 146.520 is not to be used for contacts. Use of simplex frequencies in the "FM Experimental Simplex" band of 145.510 to 145.670 are not recommended.

In the event of accidental QRM with nets and non-contest QSO's in progress, please respect their right to the frequency and QSY.

Power Limit : Maximum 75 watts output. No external amplifiers.

Exchange : Callsign, ZIP Code, and whether or not you are a Member of SCARC or a Club Station.

For the purposes of the contest, the 5 Digit ZIP Code for your location is sufficient - do not use the "Zip +4" code. Mobiles and portables should use the ZIP code of their location as determined to the best of their ability.

Example 1: "A5BCD from K5ZXY, please copy 72542, Member."

Example 2: "K5VX from K5CM, please copy 76801, Non-Member"

Example 3: "W5ZH from W5SCR, please copy 75137, Club Station"

Contacts : Work as many different calls and locations as possible, giving Exchange as noted above. Work each station once per ZIP Code - Mobiles can be reworked whenever they change Zip Codes. Remember hilltops work best!

Mobile stations can rework fixed location stations once from each Zip Code.

Disqualification : Remember, this is a friendly "for fun" contest. Stations may be disqualified for infractions of the rules and for unacceptable operating practices. While not an inclusive list, stations may be disqualified for:

FM signals transmitted on simplex channels 146.52 MHz and below.

Intentional interference to non-contesters, established nets, and QSO's

Intentional interference to other contest operators

The contest committee reserves the right to verify QSO's. QSO's that can not be verified may be removed from the log without penalty, especially if the committee is unable to obtain log information for verification.

Members of the Contest Committee are not eligible for awards but may be worked for contest points.

Scoring : Each Contact,

Non-SCARC Member: 1 point

SCARC Member: 2 points

(*) Club Station: 3 Points


Number of different ZIP Codes

Sharp County Amateur Radio Club
2 Meter Simplex Contest
Entry Form
Name __________________________ Call ___________________
Address ________________________
City ___________________________ State & Zip______________
E-Mail _________________________
SCARC Member ___ Base ___ Mobile ___
Scoring Summary

Total QSOs
Non Members ____________ x1 ____________
Total QSOs,
SCARC Members ____________ x2 ___________
Club Station QSO 3 points ____________
Total QSOs ______________ Total Points ______________
Number of Different
ZIP Codes Worked _________
FINAL SCORE ___________
(Total Points x Number of different ZIP Codes)
Signature _________________________________________________

Sharp County Amateur Radio Club
2 Meter Simplex Contest Log Sheet